Forms Editor


What types of web forms can I create with the Forms Editor?

With our web forms editor you can easily create any standard web form to interact with visitors or collect information:

  • Feedback or Contact Us forms
  • Product or Service Information Request forms
  • Subscription forms
  • Surveys and Questionnaires

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Can I make a form which submits the information to an email address, and adds the user to a mailing list?

Yes, you can configure each web form to:

  • send the information submitted by visitors to one or several email addresses
  • post the information to a forum or blog added on any page of your site
  • add the email address filled in the form to a mailing list on your site
  • perform a combination of the above

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Can I make an online appointment form?

Yes, you can create a simple appointment form using the standard form options. To create advanced appointment forms with calendar and no double booking we would recommend integrating third-party tools like Genbook using the HTML Snippet.


Can I create a form which will allow visitors to attach a file?

The option to let visitors attach and submit a file is not yet available in the forms functionality. It will be implemented in upcoming releases.


I want to receive a copy of my form messages at several email addresses.

Yes, you can receive your form messages in as many email boxes you need. In the Send to Email section of your form, enter a comma-separated list of email addresses that should receive the form submissions.


I do not receive the form messages send to my email address. What's wrong?

If you form is properly set up and uses a valid email address and you still don't receive the form messages most probably there is some anti spam filter on your end that doesn't allow you to see these emails.

To confirm that's the case please try the following:

  • check if the messages have been filtered to some bulk/spam folder of  you email account
  • try using a different email address and see if you will be getting the emails in this case.

Contact us using the Help button in your website Admin if the issue persists.

After submission, my form displays an error message "The submission of this form has failed. [Error SCM - 156]". How to fix this?

This error is reported when "Send Confirmation Email" is enabled and on submit, the "Email Address" field does not hold an actual email address. To solve this problem:

  • Make sure you have selected the correct filed from the "To:" dropdown under "Send Confirmation Email"
  • Set an email validation rule for the "Email Address" field which will prevent the user from entering an invalid email address.

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